Atami B-Cuzz Square Plug 98 cube (2940)

Atami B-Cuzz Square Plug 98 cube (2940)
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One of Atami's newest products, there is no doubt that B'Cuzz Roxx Stonewool stands among the best of the stonewool brands on the market today. Commercial agricultural would demand no less. B'cuzz Roxx is a mixed fiber, combining both horizontal and vertical fiber. This fiber arrangement promotes superior root grow. The product is very lightweight and uniform, and provides outstanding drainage. B'cuzz Roxx produces higher yields, is inert and pathogen-free, is easy to transport, and is more efficient with water and energy use. Perfect fit for 10'' x 20'' Tray

Sheet of 1.5"x1.5"x1.5" square plugs,
98 plugs per sheet
30 sheets per case (2940 plugs)

Average rating: Based on 3 ratings.
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Atami B-Cuzz Square Plug 98 cube (2940)