Green Diamond Aerosystem complete

Green Diamond Aerosystem complete

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Green Diamond Aerosystem


  • Requires 4 times less light
  • Uses less space
  • No substrate necessary
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy assembly
  • Ease of access to plants for maintenance
  • Designed to be connected in series
  • Aeroponic = exceptional growth
  • As productive outdoors as indoors

Less Lighting

Rotation is the Aerosytem's most important feature. It significantly reduces the number of lights per system to the equivalent of 4 times less than a standard horizontal culture system. It is then possible to illuminate up to 4 Aerosystems using only central lighting. Rotation greatly eliminates excessive heat generation at the plant level caused by light sources. It therefore facilitates access and maintenance of the plants compared to static systems with indoor lights.

Less Space

The Aeroystem makes it possible to accommodate up to 120 plants in a space of 16 square feet (48 "x 48"), a maximum optimization of production per square foot. Our system is also designed to be connected in series for easily adding more systems.

No Need for Substrates

The 120 sites each host a neoprene disk. The low cost of these discs and the fact that they are reusable make aeroponics very economical. The neoprene disk protects each cutting from light while preventing the growth of algae, thus increasing your harvest.

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Green Diamond Aerosystem complete