Motorized Damper 6''

Motorized Damper 6''
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Motorized Backdraft Damper

Motorized Control Dampers saves money on heating and cooling by controlling temperatures in individual rooms.

What is a Motorized Damper?

Motorized Dampers also known as Zone Dampers, Motorized Duct Dampers, or Automatic Dampers are mounted in ductwork to automatically shut off or open branches of the duct to airflow. They are available in normally open (power close) or normally closed (power open) configurations.

Ventilation-Zone Dampers can open to allow temporary ventilation of homes, garages, greenhouses, or other rooms where fresh air intake or stale air outtake is required. Dampers can be wired to 24-volt thermostats. Automatic Dampers feature a soft-stop, freewheeling coupling between the motor and the damper shaft, which greatly improves life over other similar style dampers on the market. These Dampers feature a hysteresis motor that is designed to hold the damper closed or open with power indefinitely.

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Motorized Damper 6''